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About Redexis Gas: To safety

To safety

Redexis Gas is a company in constant growth, with a dynamic structure, prepared to evolve in accordance with the requirements inherent in such development, and maintaining at all times the level of quality and safety required to achieve its goals.

Its usual growth pace has increased throughout 2016 with the acquisition and integration of LPG points from Repsol, resulting in a spectacular growth of its operating figures, which has had an immediate repercussion on the operations department. The latter is in charge of monitoring and controlling the operation of its assets, identifying any incident or anomaly that may occur in its network through the Control Centre, main driver that governs the Company’s actions.

The Control Centre collects information in real time from the Company’s transmission and distribution facilities, which allows 24/7 monitoring of the correct operation of the same, guaranteeing the safety of its facilities, the supply, and particularly of the persons who, one way or another, form part of its project.

The back-up control centre guarantees the continuity of the service in the case of any other type of incident in the main facility.

On the other hand, Redexis Gas has a centralised Emergency Call Centre (CAT), which provides service 24/7, and is permanently in touch with the Control Centre, which receives and makes a first classification of consumers’ emergencies at its receiving facilities, as well as the ones of other emergency bodies in connection with the rest of the facilities.

The Company has an Integrated Policy aimed at achieving the continuous improvement of the working conditions and the protection of health, as fundamental values of the corporate culture of Redexis Gas.