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About Redexis Gas: To Society and Environment

To Society and Environment


Redexis Gas is aware of the need to give an answer to the great challenges of today’s society and to collaborate with the environment in which it works. For such reason, it orients all its sustainable development efforts towards working under two principles:

  • Commitment to society
  • Respect for the environment

It is a priority for the Group to be able to guarantee and maintain the supply of gas in the Autonomous Communities where develops its activity, and thus it works actively in the development of its transmission and distribution networks, to offer a service in adequate safety and quality conditions.

Due to the activity it is engaged in, decision-making requires a responsible exercise, considering the positions of the affected agents, and thus it is essential to enable the participation of enterprises and agents in the industry, through dialogue with competitors and the authorities involved.

To facilitate such dialogue and form part of the same, Redexis Gas is present and actively collaborates with different associations within the gas industry. As an example, the Company actively participates in the Safety and Sustainable Development Committee of the Spanish Gas Association (Sedigas), in its commitment to develop the gas industry.

In addition, its commitment to the social development of the communities in which it operates is its main challenge. As a prominent player in the natural gas industry, it contributes with its activities to making available to all citizens and companies an essential good such as gas promoting social, sports and cultural actions that contribute to society’s well-being. Most remarkably, in early 2015, Redexis Gas together with the Balearic Government launched the “First Training and Employment Program” to enhance employability in the natural gas sector in the Balearic Islands, training qualified professionals in four areas: works technician, inspector, technical installer or salesperson in natural gas.

Also, Redexis Gas considers environmental excellence a fundamental value, and thus there is a department dedicated to guaranteeing that the activities developed by the Company are carried out in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

During 2015, Redexis Gas carried out an integration process. As a result, the Company achieved certification in ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007.

– 2015 – Certificate – Redexis Gas EMS-ISO 14001

– 2015 – Certificate – Redexis Gas Murcia EMS-ISO 14001

– 2015 – Certificate – Redexis Gas OHS-18001

– 2015 – Certificate – Redexis Gas Murcia OHS-18001

Driven by the Senior Management, an Integrated Policy has been defined which concerns all those who work for the Company, its circle of value and third parties, according to principles of sustainable development, and strongly committed with the preservation of the environment and efficient use of resources.