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About Redexis Gas: Work with us

Work with us

In Redexis Gas we count on you and we wish to share a work philosophy based on our values:


  • In Redexis Gas we put our talent and expertise at the service of excellence.
  • In Redexis Gas, we believe in what we do to go even further, without limits.
  • In Redexis Gas, we have a mind-set of continuous improvement that helps us grow and to look forward to a successful future.
  • In Redexis Gas we respect society and we act with determination to exceed your expectations.
  • In Redexis Gas, we believe in the sense of responsibility, both on a personal and corporate level, as the engine that drives everything we do.

We provide you with an email address, so that you send us your CV:

Because with Redexis Gas, you will like the future.