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About Redexis : To Sustainability

To Society and Environment


Redexis, as an infrastructure operator, plays a fundamental role in the sustainable development of the local economies in which it operates. As a key agent in the Spanish gas sector, it works to promote economic activity, business productivity, employment and improvement of the quality of life of people, businesses and industries.

Redexis intends to develop an action that contributes, either directly or indirectly, to the Sustainable Development Goals, approved by the United Nations. For such purpose, it makes economic contributions and provides resources to social projects, and it performs a continuous assessment of the same to adapt them to its strategy.

The Group orients all its sustainable development efforts towards working under two principles:

  • Commitment to society
  • Respect for the environment

Because of the activity it is engaged in, decision-making requires a responsible exercise, and thus it is essential to enable the participation of enterprises and agents in the industry, through dialogue with competitors and the authorities involved. Redexis Gas seeks cooperation agreements in a transparent manner, circulating information about natural gas and promoting the participation in projects and initiatives that boost the wellbeing and progress of the communities in which it develops its activity. The Company actively participates in the Safety and Sustainable Development Committee of the Spanish Gas Association (Sedigas), in its commitment to develop the gas industry.

Throughout 2017, the direct contribution to society made by Redexis has been instrumented through different social initiatives as the implement initiatives to inform and train employees for the activity that the Company develops, the participation in campaigns on safety, the support for the educational development of university students, the development of sustainable actions in municipalities, environmental support, and the support to sports and culture, being a sponsor of the Teatro Real since 2017.

Redexis Gas intenta minimizar los costes sociales en materia medioambiental y los efectos negativos que pueda ocasionar. Considera la excelencia medioambiental y la mejora continua como valores fundamentales de su cultura empresarial.

Redexis tries to minimise the social costs in environmental matters and the negative effects they it may cause. It considers environmental excellence and continued improvement of the working conditions as fundamental values of its corporate culture.

During 2018, Redexis has carried out a process of adaptation of the Integrated Management System in which, through different documents, operating rules and developed formats, it makes the whole organization part of the security assurance, health and environmental care. As a result, the Company has achieved the certification of the system in the ISO 14001: 2015 Standard, in the ISO 50001: 2011 Standard and in the OHSAS 18.001: 2007 Standard of the different companies that make up the Redexis Gas Group.

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ISO 50001_2011_Redexis Gas Murcia

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Driven by the Senior Management, an Integrated Policy has been defined which concerns all those who work for the Company, its circle of value and third parties, according to principles of sustainable development, and strongly committed with the preservation of the environment and efficient use of resources.

Redexis ‘ commitment to sustainability materialises through the development of different projects that support the deployment of natural gas stations, which entail a series of environmental, technical and economic advantages in the Spanish regions in which they are implemented.