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Customers: Contracting rights and supply line

Contracting rights and supply line

The contracting and supply rights are in general, economic considerations that distribution companies are enabled to perceive, according to current regulations for the facilities and work required to meet a new supply and expansion of the existing ones.

Starting rights

The rights to start the supply are the economic benefits natural gas distribution companies are enabled to receive by hiring the service of gaseous fuels supplied through pipelines with a new user or expanding an existing one. Operationally, it includes the installation of sealed measuring equipment which the distribution company undertakes when the gas installation is built and the installation certificate is received by an authorized installer.

Starting of supply duties are applicable to both new supplies and the expansion of existing ones, including in the latter ones, the rights for connection services and the verification of the facilities.

The starting duties are the responsibility of the Autonomous Community, for which the regulated prices hereof vary by region.

The table below shows rates that regulate the starting right by consumed segment.

Subscriber Rights

The connection fees are the economic considerations that companies distributing natural gas are enabled to perceive for the execution of all facilities and/or operations necessary to meet a new point of gas supply or for the expansion of one’s capacity as an existing one.

The following document contains the rates governing the connection fees by consumed segment.

Marketing companies

Consumers have the right to choose the Marketing company that they desire to supply them with gas. To make your choice easier, Redexis Gas puts a full list of registered Gas Distributors available at your disposal.