Piped gas

Piped Gas

What is piped gas?

On the Canary Islands Redexis Gas is to implement a type of piped gas, propane air, made by mixing 60% propane gas with 40% air. This mixture gives a gas with similar features to natural gas and compatible with it.

It is an alternative energy source that is cleaner and less polluting than other fossil fuels so it reduces contaminating greenhouse gas emissions.

Is piped gas dangerous?

Piped gas infrastructure is governed by strict safety regulations in its design, operation, maintenance and use:

  • Check on commissioning
  • Check for leaks
  • Regular inspection of destination installations
  • Permanent emergency support service
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of infrastructures from a control centre

Implementation of propane air can increase safety: the underground pipes make it possible to reduce the number of propane and fuel oil storage points at ground level to supply businesses. Businesses do not need to store propane, cutting the risks involved in unloading and storage as it is supplied by pipe. The same is true for homes regarding storage of bottled propane: it is not necessary.

What do I have to do to have piped gas in my home?

Apply to the distributor, in this case, Redexis Gas, for a connection point.

What do I need to change in my home to have piped gas?

For a distributor to be able to supply you with piped gas a distribution network needs to be built that reaches your property. If you live in a building with other residents, a shared reception installation is needed to take the piped gas to every home, and your existing appliances will need to be adapted or replaced.

How much will it cost me?

Construction of the network will cost you nothing. The investment is made by Redexis Gas, and is 100% private.

The shared installation in your building will also be provided by the distributor. You will only pay rent on it if you wish to have piped gas in your home.

Adapting or replacing your appliances, as well as paying the connection fee, do involve a cost to you. However, Redexis and the installers have very advantageous offers and promotions that can make the installation completely free to the user.


Do I have to have piped gas?

No, it is completely voluntary: no user has any obligation to change their present energy source.

If my neighbours want it and install it, am I obliged to have it then?


For a resident to have gas a shared reception installation must first be put in, and this requires approval at a meeting of residents. Under no circumstances does this installation make it obligatory for all residents to be connected to it. Those who wish to can continue to use their present source of energy and the new piped gas installation will not cost them anything.