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Customers: Safety and Emergency

Safety and Emergency

To report any urgency, please contact with the Emergency Department of Redexis Gas, available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

  • Redexis Gas 900 924 622

What dangers exist when using natural gas?

Natural gas does not pose any danger under proper use and appropriate and properly maintained facilities. The review of these must be done every 5 years.

What should I do if you smell gas?

In case you smell gas, please don´t use any switches, buzzers, nor any electrical appliances. Open doors and windows to ventilate the area. Do not light matches or lighters under any circumstance and do not smoke. Close all controls of gas appliances and the general stopcock and do not open it again until the installation or faulty device has been repaired by qualified personnel.

What is the right flame colour?

Proper flame should be blue and straight. A yellow flame or one that rocks is an indication of poor combustion. Make sure you always turn the match or lighter on before switching on the gas.

What does ventilation imply?

To avoid accumulation of toxic gases produced by the combustion in the boiler you must place it in a ventilated place. Atmospheric boilers, unlike the sealed combustion boilers should have an exhaust for combustion products to the exterior and have to have good ventilation where they are located.

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