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Customers: The Gas Market

The Gas Market

The value chain

The value chain of natural gas is composed of a number of agents with differentiated activities, some of which are regulated by the state.

Producer Realizes the exploration, research and exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits. Liberalized activities
Regasifier Holder of regasification plants that transforms liquefied natural gas transported on ships and enter it into the system. Regulated activity
Underground Storage ​Holder of natural gas storage facilities of gaseous nature. Regulated activity
Carrier Owner of the backbone and secondary infrastructure for natural gas distribution in the Spanish territory. Regulated activity
Distributor Owner of the natural gas distribution infrastructure linking the transport system with the points of consumption. Regulated activity
Marketer Realizes the purchase of natural gas from producers for subsequent sale to consumers. Makes use of the national gas company system to deliver gas to the consumption points. Liberalized activities

What implications does the liberalization of the gas market have?

Full liberalization of the gas market in Spain occurred on July 1, 2008, which marked a turning point from which the consumer could choose the natural gas supply company (Marketing company), offering better provision regardless of the region.

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