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Investors: Relevant events

Relevant events

The financial information include in this site refers to Redexis Gas, S.A., as guarantor of the bonds issued. For further information on the bonds or the Issuer, please refer to


Base Prospectus Update – July 2019

Redexis amends its €300m syndicate financing into a sustainable credit facility and extends its maturity

Antonio España appointed as Redexi’s new Chief Financial Officer

Press Release

ATP, USS and GT Fund/ CNIC complete the acquisition of Redexis Gas

Update on Redexis Gas

Two European pension funds agree to increase their stakes in Redexis Gas alongside new financial investors

Redexis Gas signs 125 million euros loans with the European Investment Bank

Redexis Gas Finance closes the issuance of a €250 million tap on the existing 2027 bonds

Redexis Gas securitize the 2104 tariff deficit

Redexis Gas Finance senior unsecured long term ratings downgraded

Redexis Gas Finance is considering a potential issuance of a bond up to €250 million

Redexis Gas closes a new €300 million RCF

Redexis Gas has requested  Fitch’s credit rating to be removed

Redexis Gas continues to deliver on its growth distribution plans

USS and ATP increasing shareholdings

Redexis Gas denies change in its shareholdings

S&P’s issues BBB rating with stable outlook

€160 million loan facility with the European Investment Bank

Acquisition of LPG points

Acquisition of GEDM and additional assets

Base prospectus